Men and women all over the world suffer from hair loss,it is a terrible disease that has bad consequences and psychologically destroys people’s state. They began to suffer emotional and this leads to make the situation even worse. It is considered to think that most part of the world are men who suffer from hair loss, but it is not. Women do also suffer from it and they didnt use to show their problems to anyone so they bring it with themselves and kept silent. This topic is not very pleasant to talk about especially for people who survive this emotionaly.

When a person was pregnant, or had any surgery, serious diseases, complicated infections, depression or strong stress, most of them start to suffer from one, it is hair loss. Sometimes more than 90% of hair is destroying. Some people can lost just couple of hair, and it is not really dangerous. But the other start to suffer very seriously and if not begin any treatment or any products for this to help, the process will get worse and it will be more and more complicated to help, because when the situation has just started there are more chances to change it quicker.

The first important thing you should look at is your food and diet. Sometimes it may happen that people dont get enough of minerals like A, B-6, zinс and many others. Then in very beginning it is better to start accepting vitamins complex while your hair are not destroyed seriously. But if they alread are then the vitamin scomplex is a neccessary element to take like an additional treatment ot many others. The full complex of treatment you should get at a qualified and professional doctor.Do never use anything just by yourself because it can be dangerous for your health.

You should not limit yourself or continue any diets if you have noticed to have any signs of hair loss or any changes like this. You should varify your food as much as it possible with nutrishious and health products. And the main product that hair do consist of is protein, so if you are vegetarian  it would be recommended to you to review your food preferances, because meat is the main preferable product here to rebuilt your hair, mostly as all the products that have protein content also.They all will be very useful for rebuilding and balancing the growth of  your new hair.

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