It’s every individual wish to look good and beautiful. Healthy and fine hair are considered important to look beautiful. But, just think about those who don’t even have hair to make their personality impressive. Unfortunately, they have lost hair due to hair loss problem or some other reason. A substitute name for this condition is baldness. This is not a problem faced by only men or women but both the genders can have this problem.

Talking about the causes, there can be a number of causes which can result in hair loss. It can be a result of major hormonal changes or disturbances. If it’s in your genes, then it will be automatically inherited to you no matter how much you avoid it. Dermatologist after having in-depth research have highlighted some other causes for it, such as, it can be caused due to deficiency of iron, pulling out ones hair strongly and tight hairstyling can also even result in hair loss problems. It can also be a side effect of any medicine or any treatment.

Apart from the causes mentioned above, one major cause responsible for damaged hair or hair loss is DHT. It is an abbreviation of Dihydrotestosterone. It is basically a natural metabolite of human body and is considered a major cause of hair loss. People with high levels of DHT are more susceptible for hair loss problems as compared to other people because when DHT reaches the hair follicle, it entirely blocks the way of proteins, minerals and nutrients towards the hair follicles. As a result, the hair follicles slowly lose the ability to reproduce which ultimately results in thinning hair or simply loss of hair. The accumulation for DHT, in hair roots and follicles is a major cause of mpb or fpb or alopecia.

As it is a major cause, so many treatments are suggested by hair experts and specialists to get rid of it. One major and most useful, hair loss treatment for this is to use DHT blocker. The blocker, blocks the synthesis and accumulation of DHT at molecular level and as a result the male or female pattern hair loss is cured effectively.

So, if level of accumulation of DHT is higher in your hair follicles, take the help of treatment products such as medical DHT blocker, and get your hair back without any further loss and side effects.

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