Hair loss is a condition in which the hair growth is reduced leading to thinning hair or completely lack of hair especially on head. There can be many reasons for this but the most common ones are hormonal and genetic factors. Some hormonal changes or problems might result in it or if it is in your genes, no matter how much you try to avoid it, ultimately you have to face it.

In medical terms, this condition is precisely called alopecia. Dermatologist and medical experts give other reasons as well for this apart from hormonal and genetic factors and these can be deficiency of iron, and more reasons such as psychological compulsion such as pulling out your hair yourself or even tight hair styling routines such as tight pony tails and braids can also become a cause of hair loss.

Hair loss is not confined to a specific gender but it is common in both genders male as well as female. However, baldness in men is more common. Another form of it in men is known as male pattern balding abbreviated as mpb.

As this problem became common, many solutions were introduced in the market for controlling this problem. But the common problem associated with them was that they all resulted in some side effects and only stopped the hair loss temporarily. But then Inhairit came into focus. It is basically a natural solution, formulated by doctors and is so far considered best treatment for hair loss.

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